Aroma Science is a startup based at the Bordeaux Montesquieu Technopole in Martillac, France, which is developing in the field of naturalness.

Aroma Science offers innovative plant-based active ingredients with proven efficacy for the development of original products in Health Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

As part of its R&D, the company has developed a recipe of 9 plants, derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has demonstrated pre-clinical proof of efficacy on neuroprotection.
neuroprotection and anti-aging.

Aroma Science intends to offer this plant active ingredient as a functional drink in the form of a concentrated glycerine macerate to its customer laboratories.


The story begins with a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, SuHeXiang Wan (SHXW), which has been used for over 2,000 years!

Composed of doctors of medicinal chemistry, our team of researchers began by studying scientific publications. They discovered that SHXW helps prevent cognitive decline. Through experimentation and testing, the recipe was optimized to create a new ingredient.

CogniSpice was born of this work.

The foodification trend in dietary supplements

Because of the side-effects observed with drugs, there is a strong current trend on the part of nutraceutical and food laboratories to find natural alternative solutions in health nutrition.

Age-related diseases mainly affect the over-55s

Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease of brain tissue which affects 850,000 people in France, and which is set to increase sharply as the population ages. Preventive nutrition and health care aim to keep the elderly at home and take care of their brains.

The founder's idea, the birth and emergence of CogniSpice

For this reason, Laurent MOY, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, has collaborated with a laboratory in Shanghai to optimize a recipe based on 9 plants, SHXW (SuXeHiang Wan). Traditionally used to treat stroke in Chinese medicine, this recipe is also known for its neuroprotective properties.

Thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Maxime ROBIN of the St Jérôme oxidative stress laboratory in Marseille, the core of the CogniSpice formula has been patented for its proven efficacy.

CogniSpice is now used in food and dietary supplement formulas. Other clove-based recipes are currently being developed for laboratory formulas, always with nutrition and health ingredients as a model for preventing age-related illnesses.

CogniSpice, le concentré cognitif

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